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At KP Investigative Services we provide our clients with the highest level of quality service and professionalism. Through our innovative techniques and expertise we strive to give you factual based information through a variety of investigative resources giving you the peace of mind that your investigation has been completed accurately and thoroughly with the utmost professionalism and integrity.


We are committed to providing our clients with valid and verified information they will need to make prudent decisions in their business and personal lives. We provide clear and concise investigative reports complimented with any necessary video, photographs and physical evidence obtained during the course of the investigation. We use the latest, state of the art equipment and resources to gather the available evidence in your case.


We take great pride in our client relationships striving to earn and keep your business on a daily basis. Our number one goal is to solve your problem, giving you peace of mind in doing so. If you have an issue we can help resolve, please allow us the opportunity and contact us today.

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